02 May 2013

Holy Reverie: 2 May 2013

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Ahh Spring. Baseball. Leisurely walks after supper. Claritin.

Around this time of year every year I start making two lists: who I am going to bet on in the Derby and what movies I want to see this summer. I love summer movies. Intellectual pursuits they are not, but they are a blast. And one must see a summer movie in the theater. Oscar winners might translate to the television, but superheroes and space ships must be seen on the big screen. There is just something about that communal experience - the darkened theater, the big screen and raucous sound, the popcorn and soda - that is thrilling.  

Worship is similar. Yes, one might be able to deepen one's faith with a poem or under a tree, but communal worship is another animal all together. When we gather for worship, we sing together, we pray together, we watch our little ones trot off to Children's Chapel, we hug those who are hurting, we might name that which needs to be named, we share the bread and wine. The Spirit is present and among us. There is just something about that communal experience, and it is equally thrilling.

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