29 May 2013

Holy Reverie: 29 May 2013

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I recently dropped off my son Henry at Parents' Day Out.  Not a consequential errand, I know, but being the semi-neurotic child of God I am, this task caused me great stress.  I checked, double-checked, and triple-checked that I had applied sunscreen, his diapers were marked with his initials, his lunched was well-balanced, marked with his name, and included a ice pack, etc., etc.  When I finally managed to leave the house and arrive at the PDO, my neuroses must have been written all over my face.  As we walked into his classroom, I turned to the teacher and asked, "what do I need to do?"  And she said, "all you need to do is give him some love."

All you need to do is give him some love.  Prophetic words I desperately needed.  Henry, being the disgustingly endearing being he is, immediately ran over, wrapped his arms around my neck, patted me on the head, and said, "love you, da da."  Tears.  Gratitude.  Had to leave.

I am going to carry his teacher's words with me for sometime.  And perhaps when faced with a variety of situations, when tempted to stress or worry or overfunction, I will remind myself of those prophetic words, "all you need to do is give love."  Perhaps our recent guest in Memphis, Sir Paul McCartney, was right: all you need is love.  Thanks be to God!

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